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With new businesses focusing on investment and growth, many struggle to find affordable finance options to fund their investment plans. At Shakespeare Leasing and Mortgage Solutions, we offer asset finance to our clients to help save them time and money when investing in growing their business. Our asset finance is a flexible way to spread purchasing costs over an asset’s entire economic life. Our experienced team work alongside you to understand your business needs and requirements and then find an affordable holistic solution that’s suitable for you.

At Shakespeare, we offer asset finance options tailored to suit your individual business needs. There are many reasons why growing businesses choose asset finance over purchasing assets outright when investing.

The main reasons are:

  • Finance is 100% available, avoiding the need to pay any deposit
  • With known and fixed costs, you can anticipate your expenses ahead of time and budget accordingly
  • Minimise inflationary risks and currency fluctuations by having fixed payments and terms on your lease
  • Retain working capital
  • The purchased asset is an acceptable security, which means no other security is required


With so many loan and finance options on the market today, it’s easy to be unsure of what might be the best solution for your business. Researching all the loan options available can be very time consuming, but with Shakespeare Leasing and Mortgage Solutions, we take away the hassle. With access to a broad range of asset finance providers, we ensure that the correct structure is in place and work with you and your accountant to understand your needs.

For more information, contact Shakespeare Leasing and Mortgage Solutions today, and let us help you find the right asset finance option to grow your business.

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