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As Chartered Accountants, Accounting is still at the core of what we do.
At Shakespeare Partners, this naturally comes hand in hand with being your business advisor.

As your Chartered Accountant and advisor, we provide you with insightful, unbiased advice, strategic solutions and thoughtful service to help you successfully build, manage and protect your wealth.

As one of the leading business accounting firms in West Perth, our principal areas of expertise include:

  • Financial and Management
  • Taxation and GST Advisory
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning
  • Audit services
  • Bookkeeping and payroll services

But, we’re not just keeping score of your financial situation.


Our Chartered Accountants in West Perth can help you get on top of your game and achieve your peak business performance with our specialist consulting services. 

These services include, and are not limited to:

  • Acquiring your business
  • Improving your business profits
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Reviewing and Improving your business processes
  • Feasibility studies of new markets and new products
  • Raising funds through business investment syndication
  • The process of selling your business
  • Determining the market value of your business

Our Perth accountants know and understand that your business is different to the next. And, as no two businesses are ever the same, we offer a tailored approach or a unique Total Business Solution approach to our accounting services. Unlike most firms, we adopt a multi-dimensional approach with an integrated view of financial needs. So whether your business needs two or three services, or you simply require them all, our accounting firm can customise a solution to suit your needs.


At Shakespeare Chartered Accountants, we bring together accounting, business consulting, finance and wealth management services within one team to meet your complete financial needs and to ensure that your personal and business wealth creation goals are achieved. We’re known for going the extra mile for your business. It’s what sets us apart from other accounting firms in the West Perth area, and it’s the main reason why so many businesses, like yours, have relied on us and continue to rely on us, time and time again.


At Shakespeare, accounting is at the centre of what we do. Our team of Chartered Accountants in West Perth can provide you with impartial advice and strategic solutions to help successfully manage, plan and protect your wealth.

But we don’t just narrow our services down to one solution. At Shakespeare Partners, we offer a unique Total Business Solution approach to our Chartered Accounting services; providing businesses with consulting, finance tax and accounting services, if required, all within the one team to offer you the complete solution.



From specific business solutions to large transactions, our Chartered Accountants in West Perth can provide you with relevant and valuable tax advice across a wide range of transactions or issues. From GST and FBT advice, Superannuation obligations, to small business capital gains tax relief and more, our chartered accountants can offer you a premium tailored solution to suit your taxation needs.

Business Advisory

Our Chartered Accountants can advise your business across a range of services. Whether it’s helping to create and develop growth strategies, advice on asset protection or cash flow improvement, we can advise your business appropriately. Our Chartered Accountants will work closely with your Perth business to tailor advice that specifically suits your business’s plans and financial goals.


If your business requires thorough auditing services, our Chartered Accountants can provide independent and objective assurance on transactions, information and processes. Our Chartered Accountants offer a range of auditing services including; company audits specific to your business, special requirement audits that cover organisations with specific reporting requirements, and the provision of statutory audit services to superannuation funds.

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