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Business Loans

At Shakespeare Leasing & Mortgage Solutions, business lending is one of our core capabilities, we can help with business finance and refinance?

Shakespeare Leasing & Mortgage Solutions is a specialist finance broking division of Shakespeare Partners – Chartered Accountants. This means:

  • We know your business
  • We understand what type of finance is right for your business
  • We understand the implications of your finance package and how it impacts on cash flow
  • What security is optimal – secure only what is essential
  • Structuring is our expertise

Combine this with the specialist knowledge of finance that Shakespeare Leasing & Mortgage Solutions possesses and you will find that our team is perfectly placed to review your business and commercial finance and refinance objectives.

All too often we find that businesses accept too readily finance proposals from the bank. With our loan check system we can examine all the options available to ensure your business finance is most appropriate to your circumstances, and at the best interest rate possible.

Our loan check service is complimentary. Peace of mind that your finance structuring is best for you, is just a phone call away.

SMSF Loans

SMSFs can now borrow money to help purchase properties and SMSF loans can be a very cost-effective way to borrow money especially for property investors. It allows you to build long term personal wealth by building a diversified portfolio of investments whilst benefiting from available tax concessions within superannuation.

How does it work?
Your SMSF wants to buy a property (residential, commercial, industrial or rural) but it does not have enough funds for the full purchase price. Your SMSF can make an equity contribution to acquire the property and the remainder of funds can be borrowed to complete the purchase.

What are the advantages of using SMSF to purchase property?

  • When you reach retirement and over 60, you can draw income from superannuation completely tax free.
  • Rental income within the SMSF is taxed at low rates, i.e. 15% and as low as 0% once you commence a pension.
  • Capital gains are taxed at 10% and even 0% on commencement of a pension.
  • Using your SMSF to borrow allows you to acquire a property that may otherwise be outside your reach.

Shakespeare Partners brings 3 specialist divisions together to assist you with the process of buying property in SMSF’s.

  1. Shakespeare Leasing & Mortgage Solutions – finance specialist
  2. Shakespeare Superannuation Services – a specialist division devoted exclusively to SMSF.
  3. Shakespeare Partners – Chartered Accountants – tax specialists


These 3 divisions will ensure your property transaction through your SMSF will be managed efficiently and professionally.

SMSF Borrowing to Invest with Your SMSF
Many investors borrow to invest. But did you know that Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are also able to borrow for investment purposes? This means that your SMSF can borrow to acquire assets that it may not otherwise be able to afford, such as commercial and residential property. This handy guide gives you the information you need to know about borrowing to invest with your SMSF.

SMSF’s and Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements
Setting up a limited recourse borrowing arrangement within a self managed super fund (SMSF) can allow you to gear your super and invest in asset classes, such as direct property and shares. However, the rules are complex and require specific arrangements to be put in place. SMSF trustees should therefore seek specialist advice to help them navigate these rules and to understand the risks involved.

Transferring a business premises to SMSF
One of the advantages of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) is the ability to acquire a business real property (BRP), such as a commercial property, a shop or even a farm through your SMSF. The property can then be leased back to a member to use in a business. This handy guide gives you the information you need to know about transferring ownership of a business premises to your SMSF.

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