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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the difference between creating your own financial future and just allowing it to happen. It’s about identifying your financial goals and objectives and then developing a plan for the future.

This may include:

  • An assessment of your current financial position which covers income, assets, debts, spending habits and level of current savings;
  • In-depth financial advice and the recommendation of tax-effective wealth building strategies;
  • Recommendations of various investments to suit your needs; and
  • Superannuation strategies to help you save enough for a comfortable retirement

Financial planning involves developing comprehensive, effective strategies to strengthen your financial security and ensure your financial goals can be met. These strategies provide a separate source of income to your business or employment income.

Our qualified, experienced team can discuss your financial options with you and provide a three-stage service in financial planning that includes:

1. Initial financial advice;
2. Implementation of a financial plan; and
3. Ongoing investment portfolio management and review.


Why Do You Need to Create Wealth?

Wealth is not a luxury, it is a financial necessity. It’s important you create enough wealth to enable you and your dependants to get the most out of life. Newly retired people can look forward to living longer, healthier and more active lives than any generation before them. Unfortunately, the thought of retirement is a financial nightmare for many of us. How will you survive comfortably? You certainly can’t rely on the Government being able to afford to pay for an ageing population. That’s why it is of vital importance to start creating, building and protecting your own wealth as soon as possible.

Pay Less Tax

If a financial planner, banker or life insurance agent isn’t qualified to provide you with specific advice on the best ways to minimise tax on your investments, what’s the value of the advice? When creating a Statement of Advice, we will recommend specific investment and tax strategies tailored to your individual situation. As registered tax agents and Chartered Accountants, we are qualified to advise you on the best options to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your future! Allow the professionals at Shakespeare Financial Services to guide you towards achieving your financial goals.





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